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Aspen Mountain View St.Moritz Lodge Aspen Johannsson Architects

This eight room addition to the St.Moritz Lodge maximized the tight site conditions on this beautiful lot. Sandwiched by an alley to the north, the existing lodge to the west and the garden and swimming pool to the south, efficient use of the available building footprint was essential. In addition to the hotel rooms two employee units and a steam room are located in the basement. The existing lodge like so many in Aspen exceeded the zoning requirements at the time and it was not until the Lodge preservation zone was created that additions became possible for many of the small lodges in town. St.Moritz addition was the first project to go through the Lodge Preservation rezoning in Aspen and became the testing ground for this program.

The mountain chalet stile o the existing building was preserved in the new addition with a slight hint of spanish colonial in it's detailing. the white stucco walls and dark brown timbers blend nicely with the existing Lodge.

All the rooms have a south facing window that takes in the view of the garden and the ski area on Aspen Mountain. The addition completed the courtyard and shelters the swimming pool from the northern winds. the exterior balcony and staircase add drama and excitement to the public space.




Johannsson Architects, Inc.

Olafur Johannsson - Architect

Meghan Development
Jim Richmond - Contractor

Martin Design Inc.
Chris Gamage - Structural Engineer

Burke Associates
Shawn Brill - Mech./Electrical Engineer

Property 8,714 square feet
Existing Building 9,950 square feet
New Addition 3,595 square feet

Completion date: Jan 2001

View from Aspen Mountain
St.Moritz Lodge view from Pool Johannsson Architects
Addition as seen from the pool
St.Moritz pool patio Johannsson Architects Aspen
Pool patio in summer

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